Better and more refactorings for Pharo — Part 1

Hi everyone! My name is Evelyn, I am from Bolivia, and during the Google Summer of Code 2019, I will be working on improving the refactoring tools for Pharo. This project is being mentored by Christophe Demarey, Pablo Tesone and Juan Pablo Sandoval.

What is Google Summer of Code?

Google summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program funded by Google to encourage students in crafting open source software. Every year Google selects mentoring organizations. Students are paired with mentors of the mentoring organizations to work on their projects. The coding period spans for 3 months and students go through 3 evaluations within this period.

What is Pharo?

Pharo is a clean, innovative, open-source, pure object-oriented programming environment / language. Pharo is supported by a strong community that grows daily. The Pharo community is active, very friendly and helpful.

Why improve the refactoring tools for Pharo?

Refactoring tools help developers to automatically perform a number of predefined source code changes, while preserving the current functionality.Currently Pharo has already implemented a number of refactoring options.Unfortunately, Pharo refactoring support lowered in quality and some refactoring options is still missing in Pharo, and this is the why I I would like to contribute in this GSoC for that Pharo refactoring tool reaches the level of other IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA.

I’ll upload a blog every week, where I show you implementation details for this project step by step. This is the first post of many, if you like this topic, do not hesitate to follow this series of posts.

Well, bye for now and happy coding :D.